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Monday, 27 May 2019

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Showtime Hoops Sample Scouting Report

ShowTime Hoops Scouting Service

Mike Walker
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Bobby Wilson 6'3 Point Guard Sacramento High 2016 was very solid all weekend and showing he's ready to step in as the starting point guard at Big 12, PAC 10 University. This young man has gears in his game that you can't teach and outstanding floor leadership that lifts the play of the other four players on the floor. The biggest surprise was to see him eliminate the rumor that he can't play defense at the next level because his man to man defense showed that he has the speed to play with the best in the country. He clearly showed why he's 3rd ranked point guard in the country.

Keith Smith 6'4" Wing Oakland High 2017 Tournament MVP is a solid scorer that has a tough enough game to play in the Midwest or East Coast conference. He showed he can play on both ends of the floor and likes the physical contact that allows him to go chest to chest and mix it up in the paint. He also displayed shooting range from 22-25 feet that showed the college coaches he'll be very consistent in their conference. One of the coaches from the Conference USA stated "He'll average 1,500 points per year very easy in our league"

Paul Peters 6'3" Combo Guard Findley Prep 2016 The head coach that lands this player will get a true leader on the floor who will win a conference championship; because he knows the game and what it takes to get the other players the attention they'll need to be successful. Johnson plays very well with our without the ball in his hands and displayed his athletic skills, excellent hands, vertical leaping ability while catching passes and finishing reverse dunks with ease. He's a college coach on the floor and his play demands leadership and respect.

John Jackson  6'1" Point Guard Franklin High 2016 Solid point guard that was very impressive in coming off the bench for the Drew Gooden Soldiers 16/u and showing he has Division 1 talent for being a freshman. Excellent court vision and showed good range from 15-20 feet, but he'll also need to improve his ball handling skill against pressure to win the close games

Robert Garrett 6'11 Center Sacramento High 2011 At 6-foot-11  Garrett plays hard at the center position for Play Hard Play Smart and with the right strength and conditioning program he'll be a solid post player who will compete every night on the floor. I've watch Garrett play on several occasions and he gives his all every time he takes the floor. He a solid center that will improve over the next 5 years and I hope it's with Mike Montgomery at California, because he'll have the opportunity to play as a freshmen.

JP Tokoto 6'6" Wisconsin Playground Warriors 2012 This explosive combo guard is destined to Play in the NBA. He is an solid ball handler and passer with an excellent court vision. He can create his shot in the paint and finishes really we around the basket. Current scholarship offers from Duke, Kentucky, UCLA, Memphis and Wisconsin.

Gary Wilson 6'3" Bencia High 2013 The Fairfield Ballers have a super raw talent that will have to improve his ball handling skills to play at the division 1 level. Wilson runs floor really well and is showing soft hands around the basket. I highly recommend college coaches keep an eye on this young prospect because he has the potential to be solid collegiate player.

Darin Johnson 6'4" Franklin High 2013 This Freshman showed some good athletic skills and has the ball handling skills to run the point guard spot when needed for 15/u TS/Microsoft Zune. Johnson displayed good shooting range from 15-18 feet and has the ability to score points quickly on the offensive end of the floor. Johnson must manage his assist to turnover ratio to and will need to develop a physical presence for contact on the floor and improve his defensive skills to play at the high major division one level. College coaches put this player on your evaluation list because he will be a prospect to follow in 2011 and he's currently ranked the 13th freshman in the country.

Sterling Smith 6'2" Chico High 2011 ICP Black 16/has a real gem in this young man’s ability to get to the basket and his ability to shoot from 15-18 feet. Good ball handling skills and his assist to turnover ratio is outstanding. He's a true sleeper that's been hidden in the northern California area, but all college coaches should take a deeper look at this collegiate prospect

Kyiron Thomas Sheldon High 2012 Raw athletic talent that can play at the next level and is drawing interest from the PAC 10 conference. Thomas can create his shot from anywhere on the floor and gets to the basket with ease. I like to see Thomas balance his game and play solid defense inside and outside the paint and get his more involved around his total game.